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Have you ever seen cars in showrooms? They look like they've never been driven before. But have you then wondered how they got there in the first place from the manufacturing plants if they have 0 miles on the counter? Well that's where car transport trailer trucks come in, cars are loaded onto them and they take a bunch of cars from A to B without the cars ever having their engines started. Now that this mystery is solved wouldn't it be fun to actually get behind the wheel of one and drive the truck around town?

Well, for that you would probably need to be old enough to have a driving license and have a job with a company who wants a truck driver. But fear not for stepinn-tech brings you Car Transport Trailer Truck 4d! If you want to have a career as a truck driver? Then the best way to practice your truck transporter driving skill is to pick up this fun and newest truck simulator 3D games. Choose your truck that you like to load with cars, load them on your trailer of the car transporter truck. Get behind the wheel of your truck and make sure you successfully complete your missions. Now you get to drive around in one of these trucks without even moving from your sofa! You'll be assigned a truck with numerous luxury and classic cars loaded onto it for you to transport from the starting points to the various destinations. You will have to be very careful with the traffic around you while managing the time for the delivery as well.

If you make money you'll be able to visit the car dealer and load different cars for delivered on your car trailer truck. So park your truck in the truck parking lot of the showroom garage there are many cars ready for delivered and drive the cars on the truck. Do you think you can easily drive a huge transporter truck that carries a heavy load? Your job in this game is load the cars on the car transporter trailer and drive the trucks from the truck parking lot to the showroom garage unload the truck there and earn some cash. You complete this task if you transport all the cars without taking any damage as you drive to the destination. This game will only be mastered through practice and it will provide you endless hours of fun and excitement. Get your friends involved as this is not a game to miss out on especially when it's free!


•One of the best parking truck simulator 3d game physics.

•Different camera view, check the position of your truck and cars as you park it them.

•Drive slowly and carefully to check your ability.

•Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics.

•Huge open world to drive around.

•20 different beautiful missions.

•Amazing multiple coloured trucks for selection.

•Internal view of truck by pressing a button on the screen.

•Different Classic and Sports cars.

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